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Inventor’s Log

27/2/2012Group Discussion (First Meeting) Idea formed for Cat 3 (Invention)

  • Dustbin for home and office use
  • Special features: Compressor, hooks and storage space


  • Chiam Jia-En (Builde)
  • Zheng Dao Liu (Co Builder)
  • Shaun Ong Jing Heng (Designer)
  • Tioh Qi Kun (Admin)

Work done:

  • FaceBook group Created
  • Website done

13/3/2012Group Meeting + Work Work completed

  • 1st draft of Prelims powerpoint completed
  • Blueprints made and finalised
  • Initiation of Prelims powerpoint done to show to mentor

19/3/2012 Meeting with Mentor Learning points . Research on similar products in the market . Find problems around the neighborhood . Find out why our prototype is better Deadline due: Next Monday 23/3/2012 Project Training Invention process for Prelims 1. Empathy: Observe the needs of people 2. Define:  Change needs into problems statement 3. Ideate: Think of ideas to solve this problem Work to be done Find out current problems by asking(See above) Find out similar products online(See above) 25/2/2012 Group Meeting + Work Work completed . Ask people around the neighborhood and collate results -Plastic bags hard to replace -Dustbin overflows quickly . Found Similar products online and compared it with our product Stomp Dustbin(http://www.yankodesign.com/2009/05/26/design-is-best-with-stomping/) . Inventors log created online -This website . Wix website URL confirmed (3/4 of the way through) . Shared Email Account created(Using it for all project related emails) dustbingroup@hotmail.com Work to be done: Show what we have done to Mr Su Clear all miscellaneous work 26/3/12 Meeting with mentor Space for improvements -Scanned blueprints are to crumbled, cannot be seen easily -No support for problems faced -Descriptions too long, thus unclear Things to do-Take photos of overflowing dustbins around us -Question people about current problems -Redraw blueprints(Break down) and make things clearer -Transfer all information to powerpoint

  • FaceBook group Created
  • Website done

29/3/12 Work done -Final Wix Website -Final Prelims PPT -Final Invention Log Feedback from mentor -Good Survey Results/Photos and evidence -Breakdown of blueprints (Good) -Need to impress the judge though, explain why and how our product is better Work to be done Prepare for Prelims Presentation 2/4/12 Meeting with Mentor Learning Points Powerpoint quite good- Points well stated Need to improve on our speech during Prelims and ability to answer questions posed by auidence Work Done Prepare presentation for Prelims 6/4/12 Shopping Work Done Went to Tampines Ikea and bought 2 HULINGEN pedal bin which cost $15 each. Reason: One for prototype, the other for comparison, or One for prototype, the other for final product Work to be done Wait for Prelims result 9/4/12 Meeting with Mentor Results:We have just failed our Prelims round Reasons:Unclear presentation, cannot answer question well, leading to serious misunderstandings Work to be done: Seek out a new idea(Mentor advised us to ask another group for help) 17/4/12 Meeting with Mentor Proposed 5 new ideas .Strapped on vest: Rejected .The headwear vibrator: Rejected .Table Connector:Rejected .The flexible boot:Rejected .The YoYo Headphone Container: Not a very good idea, but somewhat accepted Work to be done: Make a choice on which idea to use, the convenient dustbin(Old idea) or the YoYo Headphone Container 21/4/12 Discussion+Work Final Decision: U-Turn Back to the “Convenient Dustbin” Reason: Hard to convince judges with our new idea, since many prototype are already on the market Improvements to be made: Add animations for better understanding Produce a script for Prelims 2 Rethink some parts of the bins(especially the hooks) and redo the blueprints Other work done: Create a Yammer group as it is more convenient to communicate and share file from mentor to members than email 23/4/12 Meeting with mentor -Agreed with our decision -Pondered us on questions judges might asked: What is the difference between your dustbin and the normal one? Why can’t I use a normal plastic bag instead of yours? Are you sure the hooks can support the plastic bag with lots of compressed rubbish? -We got “stunned” by the questions, so we decided to make a list of questions the judges might ask us and answer them beforehand 28/4/12 Discussion+work Work done: Completed blueprints Completed script Completed 2 animations(Storage Space and Compressor) Started on Q and A script Work to be done: Complete Q and A script Complete animation of the hooks Finalize powerpoint and practice 30/4/12 Meeting with Mentor -Hooks still not feasible -Changed it to rubber rim  .Allow weight of the plastic bag to be equally spread  .Elastic (Can be stretched but it would not break)  .Would not rust or wear down over time(Unlike hooks) Work to be done: Complete blueprints(Show how to use each part) Complete animations Compile data into ppt. Rethink questions the judges might ask us. 3/5/12 Meeting with Mentor -Compare with previous presentation and show judges what have we done -Powerpoint made clear: Due to Step-by-Step blueprints and animation =D Work to be done: Prepare script for prelim 2 Present well :O 4/5/12 Prelim 2 judging Judges comments: Compressor -Can Solve problem with the lack of space Rubber rim Judges convinced it can support the weight of the thrash bag  Storage Compartment Troublesome, should place it outside Final Results: Passed 8/5/12 Meeting with Mentor -Disadvantaged with the time we have left(Start working NOW) -Should make prototype out of recycled material( Such as tin can as the body) Things to do: Find a suitable sized can Buy strips of rubber(For the rubber rim) Find/buy materials needed for storage compartment/Compressor Measure and mark out parts of the dustbin 13/5/12 Work Work done: Cut out the top of oil can(Used it for body of dustbin) Cut out shoe box into the storage space Attached shoe box to the side of the oil can Split opened the wire of internet cable(For rubber rim) and attached it around the rim of the oil can(Protect user from sharp edges) Ct out bottom of second oil tin(For prototype’s lid) Problem faced: Rubber rim too smooth Solution: Roughen it with sandpaper Problem faced: Plastic bag cannot bewrapped around the lid fully Solution:  User larger-sized bags Problem faced: Lid of dustbin not easy to open Solution: Pedal system/Attach a handle Work to do: Build the compressor Start planning ppt for Semi-Finals Fit in rubber rim Attach handle for lid Update wix website Take photos and videos to record our progress 15/5/12 Meeting with Mentor Learning points Problem: The Dustbin does not look nice on the outside Solution: Spray Paint it/Add attractive design (P3) Problem:Lid will leave small gap and cannot close completely Solution: Bend tip of oil tin outwards/Push lid’s bottom inwards (P2) Problem: Cannot open lid conveniently (Quite troublesome) Solution: Install Pedal system (P1)/Attach handle to the lid and make it part of the compressor (P2) Other things to do: Build Compressor (P1) P1: First piority P2:Second Piority P3. Third piority 25/5/12 Meeting with Mentor Next mentor availability–> 3 Weeks later -Do it without much guidance -Time is tight, so plan it well -Include failures into timeline, success is not what matters Working together -Misunderstanding over work separation -Important to trust each other- Will affect working results Work to be done: Prototype [Must be completed in 2 weeks time] 28/5/12 Work Compressor-Large spring—Could not stretch properly -Big hole—- Redid the entire thing Pedal system– Could not examine the mechanism properly[Require research] Insufficient material to experiment on Lid-Bend in success -Easier to fit in -No more jagged edges Dustbin Handle-Feasible after compressor has been made Beautify dustbin– Painted both bins gold -“SB(Savers Bin)” written on P1 on four sides -Failed attempted to draw on P2, 2nd layer of paint Learning Points -We would always fail at some points, so learn from mistake -Experiment the different way of building stuff, so we know which is right and which is wrong -Time is ticking away, not much time to fail Work to be done: Shadow effect on P2 Research on Pedal System Build working compressor structure Decorate lids for both P1 and P2 31/5/12 Work (Manual) Progresses on different parts Decorations-> Mostly completed, final touches after prototype has been completed Compressor> Combination of supergule and blue-tack failed, due to the instability Therefore, Professional Welding required, installation comes afterwards Pedal System-> Ripped apart from HULINGEN bin and reinstalled in P2 Results-> 2 attempts to stick it in place (Not in place the first time) -> Waiting for glue to dry Work to be done: Complete pedal system for both bins Make compressor Start on Admin work(important) 31/5/12Work(Manual)

Work done:
 Pedal system—> Completed structure of pedal system
Problem: Pedal system is too small- Prototype is larger than the HULINGEN BIN
Solution: Saw off the top of both prototypes(Including rubber rim)
Rubber rim—> Redone with the inside of a rubber tire (For both prototypes)
                                 -Thicker, thus is not easy to be injured by jagged edges
                                 -Rougher, thus easier to hold plastic bag in place
Decoration—> Repainted P1 with a shade of silver and blue (Previous design was not up to standard)
Work to be done: Wield proper holes into parts of the pedal system(easier to get it done)
                                    Wait for compressor to arrive (By wednesday)
                                    Take video (Show why our bin is better than the rest)
Results of P1 (Out on 5/6/12)
Problem: Prototype height is too short by 1.5cm
                    Causes the pedal system to be slanted , in which it will not work
                    Holes drilled too low, therefore impossible to drill even lower holes
Solution: None
Note: P1 will no longer be in use due to its ineffectiveness. Due to the lack of time, we will now focus on prototype 2, and after semis we will work on prototype 3.
Work Done
Compressor-> Arrived in good condition
                               Not strong enough, but rubbish can still be compressed
Problem: Cannot be firmly attached to the lid of the bin
Solution: Make a holder-> Can also use the button as a handle as a result
Pedal System -> Connected and working quite well
Problem-> The lid will sometimes go out of place when the screw becomes loose
Solution-> Put a holder at the end of the screw (Secure it in place)
Work to be done: Make dustbin presentable (All parts working well)
                                    Make video for Semis (Convince the judges that our bin is better than the rest)
Work Done
Completed 1st draft of powerpoint and website(Both without pictures yet)
Work to be done
Finish up dustbin(Includes Painting)
Takes pictures and videos(For admin purposes)
Meeting with Mentor
Learning Points
-Compressor too tall, not appealing
-In what way is our bin better than the rest?(Must explain clearly)
-Convince them that if we get pass semis, we will improve on the bin, such as:
.Shorter compressor
.Smoother pedal system & Easier throwing of rubbish(Moving compressor to the side
Work Done 
Bin largely completed (Repainting left)
Synopsis uploaded
Work to be done
Show first draft of ppt to mentor (By next meeting)
Incorporate inventors log into new website(Nicer looking) by next week
Pictures and videos By next week
Meeting with Mentor
Learning Points
-PPt is not detailed
 .Include timeline, including each versions of our prototype
 .Video must include comparison to another ordinary dustbin(HULINGEN bin)
 .Include classmate using the dustbin and ask them for their comments
 .Focus on the problems our prototype is able to solve
 .Practice makes perfect, so Do it
Work Done
Surveyed classmates about the problem with current dustbins
Completed 2nd version of ppt
Transferred inventors log into new website and made it look  nice
Work to be done–  Final touches the strengthen dustbin and make it presentable(Just before painting)
                                      Take more photos and videos of the painted prototype and transfer data to powerpoint and website
Work & Shopping
Work Done
Went to IKEA and bought another HULINGEN Bin
Painted the final layer of the prototype Black and Green
Compared the HULINGEN Bin and our protoype in a video
Took Pictures of the new prototype
Updated powerpoint and website(Done by the next project meeting)
Work to be done
Finish powerpoint and website
Take a video of the opinion of our people on our prototype
Practice makes perfect(So do it)
Work Done
Took Feedback video (From Public)
Completed PPt and website (To be displayed)
Work to be done
Show powerpoint to mentor, Mr Su
Meeting with Mentor
Learning Pointers
Focus on live demonstration(Prototype that is working well)
Tell them we will improve more in the finals
Work Done
Practice (Including live demonstration)
  -Managed to keep it within 7 minutes
Thinking of how to answer judges’ question
Final Score: 24/30 😀
Judges comments
Hilarious Video (Boosted judges’ interest)
Great Improvement from Prelim2
Need to improve on design(Looks quite ugly…)
*Must start work soon, finals is in 5 weeks or so
Meeting with Mentor
Learning Points
Lots of Improvements
 -Showed a lot of resilience (From Prelim 2 to Finals)
Web Report must be 75% Done by next meeting(In 2 weeks)
Show contrast in Semi’s work and the product we show in Finals
Submit Proj Journal for checking
Work Done
Web Report( 40% completed, mainly the basic layout)
  -3-in-1 Includes Synopsis, Inventors Log too
Extracted Materials for Compressor and Pedal System(Mostly similar to materials used in Semis)
Measured Both Compressor and Bin(According the the new designs)
Work to be Done
Finish Web Report
Start on Powerpoint
Construct Compressor& Pedal System
Apply measuring to the biscuit tin
Meeting with Mentor
Learning Points
Web Report: Must look nicer (Adding photos and videos can help)
Add in Reflections (learning points)
Showcase our learning process in a clear, ordered way
Other matters:
Submitted Project Journal
Received rubrics from Mentor(So we can work along the guidelines)
Work to be done( 2 weeks time)
Complete Prototype
Complete Web Report (Submission Deadline is in 2 weeks)
Complete PPT
Take Photos and Videos
Work Done
Drilled holes in the Prototype (To assemble all the parts)
Completed and Smoothen Pedal System for Prototype
Started Work on PPT
Continued on Web Report(75%)
Work to be done
Complete Web Report and PPT
Add in Compressor for the Prototype
Paint the prototype
Work Done
Completed Web Report (Ready for Submission)
Completed PPT (Excluding photos and Videos)
Painted the prototype green and black
Added in the new compressor into prototype
Problem: Compressor cannot be shifted to the side, as this will make the structure unstable
Solution: Since the pedal system is smoothen out and the size of the compressor is reduced, it is still easier to operate the pedal system
Work to be done
Add in the storage space and the rubber rim of the prototype
Take photos and videos and place it in the PPT

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