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Inventor’s Log


Group Discussion (First Meeting)

Idea formed for Cat 3 (Invention)

  • Dustbin for home and office use
  • Special features: Compressor, hooks and storage space


  • Chiam Jia-En (Builde)
  • Zheng Dao Liu (Co Builder)
  • Shaun Ong Jing Heng (Designer)
  • Tioh Qi Kun (Admin)

Work done:

  • FaceBook group Created
  • Website done


Group Meeting + Work

Work completed

  • 1st draft of Prelims powerpoint completed
  • Blueprints made and finalised
  • Initiation of Prelims powerpoint done to show to mentor


Meeting with Mentor

Learning points

. Research on similar products in the market

. Find problems around the neighborhood

. Find out why our prototype is better

Deadline due: Next Monday


Project Training

Invention process for Prelims

1. Empathy: Observe the needs of people

2. Define:  Change needs into problems statement

3. Ideate: Think of ideas to solve this problem

Work to be done

Find out current problems by asking(See above)

Find out similar products online(See above)


Group Meeting + Work

Work completed

. Ask people around the neighborhood and collate results

-Plastic bags hard to replace

-Dustbin overflows quickly

. Found Similar products online and compared it with our product

Stomp Dustbin(http://www.yankodesign.com/2009/05/26/design-is-best-with-stomping/)

. Inventors log created online

-This website

. Wix website URL confirmed (3/4 of the way through)

. Shared Email Account created(Using it for all project related emails)


Work to be done: Show what we have done to Mr Su

Clear all miscellaneous work


Meeting with mentor

Space for improvements

-Scanned blueprints are to crumbled, cannot be seen easily

-No support for problems faced

-Descriptions too long, thus unclear

Things to do

-Take photos of overflowing dustbins around us

-Question people about current problems

-Redraw blueprints(Break down) and make things clearer

-Transfer all information to powerpoint